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2019-03-18 : WEEKLY LUCKY DRAW 11/03/2019-17/03/2019 Congratulations to the following Winners: 1st Prize - MOHANA1***, JIMMYAN***, SAFARI*** 2nd Prize - WAI9***, SELVE***, PITPOTE***, MICHAEL9***, XIAOWIN*** 3rd Prize - HONG***, SUPER99***, COT***, CS1***, JOEY1*** Special - BULLET***, AND***, MYX12345***, FAI***, ONGB***, NEOHBEEKH***, KALVI***, VV5***, SAIFU***, HAO9*** CONSOLATION - KETT***, KEWC***, SAM8***, UMAR***, GOH***, SHERL***, IMANG0***, JACKA***, JAZI***, JEFF7*** Kindly contact us thru LIVE CHAT as soon as possible before 24/03/2019 or your winning prize will being forfeited, thank you. | Our bank account will be changed from time to time. You can contact us at Live Chat any time to check our Latest Bank Account. We apologize for the inconvenience caused. | Dear All, if you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at your convenience. Wechat: csroll996 Whatsapp: 011-42085947, Thank you. | We would like to inform our members, if Roll996 website is not available. Please kindly use our secondary website: www.roll888.com | Good News! Members that deposit accumulated for specified amount during the Weekly Lucky Draw period will have the opportunity to win BIG PRIZES!

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About Roll996

Roll996 is an online casino entertainment brand in Malaysia, focused primarily on offering casino gaming products. At Roll996, we have a simple vision to provide customers with gaming entertainment of premium quality and at exceptionally good value. We are committed to providing you with gaming products that is industry leading. Our products, together with our unbeatable promotions and support staff, ensure that by playing at Roll996, you are guaranteed the best gaming experience possible. With staff of over one hundred, we aim to appeal to all player types offering a quality internet casino gaming experience with industry-leading variety, impeccable game integrity, and spectacular, richly themed graphics.

Variety of products

LIVE CASINO Step into our live online casino any time of the day or night and be served by live dealers across 6 luxury suites (Login to get into: Maxbet Casino, IBC Casino, AG Casino, Gameplay Casino, Bbin Casino, Playtech Casino)
Sports Betting Capitalize on your innate sixth sense by making your best match predictions and placing winning sports bets (I-Sport,T-Sport, Live Score)
Slot Game Enjoy a more relaxed gaming experience with our wide range of online games (such as slots and arcade games) while still enjoying the opportunity to cash in on big wins. (Maxbet Slot, Gameplay Slot, Playtech Slot)
4D Any time you can make your bet inspiration emerges 4-digit number and win our high odds
HORSE RACING Capitalize on your innate vision by making your best match predictions and placing winning horse racing bets


Roll996 is a partnership between TBSBET, 1POKER2U, SpadeGaming, MaxBET, IBCBET, BBin, AGGaming, Gameplay, CitiBet, Playtech and PSBET. Roll996 has earned its reputation as one of the leading online entertainment website by its commitment to provide the players a full package of sophistication, look and feel. Whether it is online Baccarat, Roulette or SicBo, here you will find them all in one advanced playing platform with superb graphics, animations, adjustable game-play speed and sound effects.

Excellence in Customer Care

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our Roll996 customer service department are there for you - to help answer your questions and resolve your issues as quickly, politely and efficiently as possible.

Confidentiality and System Security

According to regulations, every player is allowed to possess only one Roll996 account. In order to maintain the integrity and fairness of the system, we will conduct regular security checks for your protection. We use the most innovative software technology to ensure game fairness. We use advanced security measures and 24 hour monitoring to ensure game safety and security.

Everyone is a winner here at Roll996 Casino and we look forward to welcoming you onboard to enjoy a gaming experience that is of a distinctly superior quality.

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